Tyco Illustra

American Dynamics is one of the pioneers in advanced video surveillance and management solutions. Illustra series IP camera range including dome, bullet, box, fish eye and PTZ cameras Discover series analog cameras including dome, bullet, box, fish eye and PTZ cameras IP video encoders DVRs, NVRs and Hybrid DVRs Intellex and ADTVR digital video recorders

Novec 1230

NOVEC 1230 is the next generation of chemical fire suppressant in place of FM200 which was a market leader for the exchange of Halon. NOVEC 1230 systems are designed to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids, gases and electrical equipment. Colourless and low odour Heat absorption and chemical interference with the flame Significantly lesser oxygen depletion

Special Hazard Products

Some of the special hazard usage products include IR detectors , Linear Heat sensing cable , Flame vision and intrinsically safe addressable devices. Reach out to us for more details.

PA System

Public address systems or voice alarm system enables to efficiently notify people in the facility about an occurrence of fire hazard and makes it easier to carry out effective evacuation, by means of prompt voice announcements. Our excellent understanding of acoustic parameters allow the voice alarm systems to be easily tailored to meet our customer’s

CCTV System

Video surveillance systems are widely used as a proven tool which facilitate prevention of crime and protection of people, public buildings, businesses, private property etc. An ideal CCTV system should be easy and flexible in operation simultaneously providing excellent snapshots quality both in a daylight and at night to serve as an analysis tool regarding

Access Control System

Access Control Systems includes a number of technical solutions which allow authorized people to comfortably move on the object ground and to protect against unauthorized introduction. Depending on customers’ needs, this solution may be a simple tool which assure monitoring of people movement, as well as a fully professional management system throughout the building with

Fire Alarm System

Fire Detection and Alarm systems are often seen as an obvious part of any building. Reliable fire protection is a necessity and the easiest way to ensure the highest level of security is to choose e-Security System. The detection systems we offer come with optimal quality, error-free functionality and long service life. Our solutions include

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